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Welcome to Premium Technical Solutions, your premier source for top-quality medical equipment, supplies, and consumables. Premium Technical Solutions is a company formed under medical and engineering experience and deals with the sale and supply of Hopsital/Medical Equipment, Laboratory Supplies and non-pharmaceuticals, general supplies, installation, and maintenance among other services.

Transforming healthcare with precision and compassion. 🏥🏥

We're your trusted partner, providing cutting-edge solutions to healthcare professionals worldwide. From state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to precision surgical instruments and essential consumables, we've got everything you need to deliver exceptional care.

With fast, reliable delivery and responsive customer support, we're committed to your satisfaction every step of the way. Experience the difference with Premium Technical Solutions – where excellence meets innovation in medical supply.

Our Mission Statement

To breathe a new life into the next era under the corporate statement "Service of Value", aiming for new developments and progress in medical/Hospital equipment solutions to support medical professionals in their efforts for their patients of regaining a healthy life.

Our Vision Statement

Providing high customer satisfaction through solutions that fit best and of- fering competent, flexible and reliable quality service to our stakeholders.


Blood Bank Refrigerator

Dental Equipments

Olympus CX23 Microscope

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Equipment

Commode Chair

Hospital Furniture

Electronic Infant Scale

General Medical Equipment

S6600 Anesthesia & Ventilator System

Radiology & Imaging Equipment

ECG Thermal Paper

General Medical Equipment

Blood Pressure Monitor

Lab Incubator

Malaria Test

Roller Mixer

Fecal Occults Blood (FOB)

Feeding Tubes

Orthopedic Padding

Safety Box

Indotracheal Tubes

Ambulance Stretcher Trolley

Overbed Table

Bedside Locker

Pedal Waste Bin

BB-100 Top Grade Infant Incubator

Patient Monitor Trolley

Classic III Stethoscope Adults

Manual Operating Table

Ultrasound Thermal Papers

Ultisys 3.5 kW Mobile X-ray Machine


ECG machine 5-channel

Close Spring




Reclining Wheelchair

Walking Stick

2 Wheel Walker

Commode Chair

Haemodialysis Machine W-T6008S

RO Water Purification System


Haemodialysis Machine W-T2008-B

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